How to look like an Art Gallery

Living room with photography on the wall

Discovering Madonne

Creating the Madonne Effect
The image that illustrates this article is part of a personal collection about women under the title DISCOVERING MADONNE. To create this type of images I have used a mixed technique of acrylic paint with digital photography. The main idea in each image is to capture the gesture of the human body. Showing in each case the precise moment of its movement. Using textures as blending modes.

In the postproduction phase, I worked with several textures to show only a part of the body to make a more dramatic scene, fixed in time, revealing its sculptural character. You can have a look at the Concept Art section to see more works about this technique for Art gallery pictures. 

Framed as an Art Gallery
In order to show an Art gallery look I have created a simulation of a large print with a special finish material, dibond with aluminum frame. As a result, it gives the artwork greater rigidity and elegance without the need for an additional framework. The surface has a smooth and shiny finish that enhances the colors, giving the image an impressive look.

In addition, when the artwork is hanging on the wall, it gives the impression that it is floating because the aluminum frame separates it a minimum of 1 cm.

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